Temple Committee Challenge
Nauvoo Relatives and Family History

We would like the youth of the Klein Stake to make a personal connection to Nauvoo. One way the youth can do this is by learning about their relatives who lived in Nauvoo during the period of 1839-1846. A few websites where this information may be found are:



We will be visiting the Nauvoo temple during Youth Conference. It is the hope of the Youth Conference Committee that each of those attending will do some pre-work and come to Youth Conference with printed temple cards for at least five relatives for whom they can perform the temple baptism. The youth can find family names on FamilySearch.org or an app on the phone called “Take A Name”. To find names on Familysearch.org, login and then:

  • Go to the Temple Tab
  • Click on “Ordinances Ready”Tab
  • Click on “Baptisms”
  • Voilà! The website will search for those already on your tree who need these ordinances done.

You can also get help from your Ward Temple & Family History Consultant or at the Family History Center.

NOTE: While we would like each youth to bring family names to the Nauvoo temple this is NOT a requirement for participation in temple baptisms, names will be provided.

Co-Chair Challenge

As co-chairs and as a committee, we are so excited to be leading you as we experience Nauvoo this year! This will be a great spiritual experience as you’ll continue to learn about the restoration of the gospel and why Nauvoo is a special place. Our prayer is that this experience will strengthen your testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

To help prepare in making the most of this Youth Conference, we would like to extend a challenge to do some reading, as well as emphasize the challenge from the Temple Committee. It will be a more meaningful experience if we are familiar with events and background of places we will have the privilege to attend, as well as find our own family names.

  • Read Saints chapters 33-45 & gain a testimony of what is being taught
  • Read D&C sections 120-135
  • Be spiritually prepared for temple
  • Find 5 names for the temple

We're excited to share this experience with you!
Collin Finch and Ramsey Rucker